Press release

PUBLISH, NewPenguin to raise awareness of endangered animals through NFTs

28 Oct. 2022

Eagle owl

PUBLISH is pleased to announce we will running a "Endangered species of the month that i love" campaign with NewsPenguin. This campaign is the first joint project between two companies according to the business agreement signed last month.

With NewsPenguin, news media for endangered species and climate crisis, we are trying to publicize the current situation of endangered species in Korea and raise public interest in protection. This campaign will be carried out by making NFTs based on the images of 6 endangered species which selected by Newspenguin every month. Minted NFTs will be distributed to the public freely.

The 6 endangered species is selected considering wildlife expert's opinions, data from government agencies, Urgentness highlighted in domestic and international news reports. Images used for NFTs will be made out of charity by various artists for the sake of both quality and attention to the endangered species.

The NFTs can be easily stored on your phone to see and feel the need of protection for endangered species anytime, anywhere. Currently, there are 267 species of animals and plants designated as endangered species in Korea, and the number of species that are rapidly driven to extinction due to various development activities and increasing global deterioration every year.

The two companies will also actively establish a system to support the private sector by discovering practitioners who are striving to protect endangered species. These practitioners will be given certification NFT for their activities.

Refering to the campaign, Kwon sung-min, CEO of PUBLISH mentioned "The campaign is aimed to form a consensus on the protection of endangered wildlife and promoting a system to support the public, practitioners, and guardians participating in it", and said "This project will prove that advanced digital technologies and services can be used to enhance the sustainability of our shared world as well as in economic terms."

As follow, Kim ki-jung, CEO of NewsPenguin pointed out "The reality that endangered species are distributed in the fish market and served as a side dish are the incidents that show how lax the protection and management system for endangered species in Korea is" and explained "This campaign focuses on making people feel that human life could be also no longer a thing to be take it for granted."

In addition, Kim ki-jung, CEO of NewsPenguin previously received a presidential commendation for his contribution to enhancing sustainability through professional media to mark the 27th Environment day in June.